Our church exists to glorify God by making disciples who help restore the City through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When the implications of the Gospel are lived out by the church, the Gospel impacts, renews, and ultimately restores every facet of the City we live in – the spiritual, physical, psychological, and social.

In this sense, while our call to “restore the City” includes joining in the ongoing efforts to rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans, it also goes much deeper. We are called to a life of mission; a life of loving others in our city in any way possible.

This work of “restoring the city” happens in two major spheres:


We believe the Gospel compels us to live missionally in restoring the City where we live. We seek to be deeply involved in the lives of our neighbors, co-workers, friends, families, and those in need in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Our desire is to help “restore the City” by building community, serving neighborhoods, and starting churches.

In order to help us better partner with other church planting churches, we are members of Acts 29 – a diverse global family of church planting churches. Learn more by clicking on the picture below:


A diverse, global family of church-planting churches.


We believe the Gospel also compels us to  work to restore the “global City”. We believe the scope of our mission has no limits and as a result, we are deeply concerned with and invested in seeing God glorified not only in our own neighborhoods, but throughout the world. To see out global Missionaries, click here.