I like serving on the Worship Arts team, because I get to express myself through an artistic medium that I normally don’t get everyday. I feel God moving in me in those times I am serving!
— Zach


Here at Berean, we believe serving the Church is so much more than helping out around the campus, watching children, playing music, or taking out the trash, although we do believe that is part of it. We believe we have each been uniquely gifted and called to go to our neighbors, schools, friends, families, and everyone else around us, to serve them in a way that displays the hope we have in Jesus Christ our Savior. There are 3 areas we want to help you serve, starting with understanding where God is working in you and moving out.


I love serving because it gives me a way to love, to worship, and to appreciate God by using the gifts he has given me!
— Nathan

We want to help you figure out where God is leading you to serve his body. We want this to be something that for you brings life and joys, and doesn’t feel like a burden, so we will strive to find a place for you to fit well! When you are serving in an area that helps you see more of Jesus, not only will you enjoy serving others, but you will grow in your understanding of the Gospel and that work of Christ in your life!


One of the best parts of being on a service team is building relationships with other believers who are serving around me!
— Ginnie

There are so many areas inside the church that we would love to have you serving. Everything from the people to greet you, to the people who watch children during service are actively serving the body of Christ and helping us reflect the hospitality that Christ has shown us by giving up His life for us. There is a role for you, filled with people who will be excited about serving the body of Christ next to you, and excited to get to know you in the process. Click here to see a list of Service Teams.


When I get the chance to serve my neighbor, I not only build relationships, but I get the chance to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to someone else and experience more of the hope I have in him
— Dan

 As a whole, we want to be constantly working to serve the people around us in our everyday walks of life. We want to be actively demonstrating through our love for others, that Christ has a place for us and love us greatly. We want to be a comfort to the lonely, an anchor to the anxious, a light to the depressed, and a purpose for the lost. We can only do this through the power of Jesus Christ in our lives. We are made new by his work on the cross, and we want to serve as he has and is serving us!